No matter how perfect someone may seem, it’s comforting to know that everybody has something they’re bad at. Bradley Cooper, one of the most handsome actors alive, reminded us of this fact over the weekend when a fan caught him “dancing” at the Glastonberry Music Festival.

With his cap backwards and arms raised high in the classic white-guy-at-a-wedding stance, Cooper let it all hang out during John Peel’s set — per the above video from Instagram user @sokovija. As nice as it may be to see one of Hollywood’s busiest men letting off some steam, when it comes to his dancing … well, let’s just say Bruno Mars doesn’t have to watch his back.

As it turns out, the “American Sniper” star is not alone. Let’s take a look at a few other A-listers who could use a little help with their moves.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

The dude has it all: A-list roles, tens of millions of dollars, a seemingly endless roster of supermodel girlfriends. So admit it: When you watch this video of him attempting fruitlessly to find the groove, it makes you feel a bit better about yourself.

Taylor Lautner

Sure, many of the moves in this video come from when Taylor was hosting “Saturday Night Live,” so he was supposed to be acting goofy. But once you get into the later moves, a disturbing pattern emerges: The head bob. In the interest of saving the former “Twilight” star from developing whiplash as he gets older, here’s hoping the lower half of his body can get in on the act.

Josh Hutcherson

Admittedly, he’s probably the best dancer of the stars listed here. Still, Josh’s quasi-Roger Rabbit move feels like something your Uncle would bust out at a bat mitzvah.


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