Bryan Cranston in Playboy

Bryan Cranston is the featured interview in the December issue of Playboy. Inside, he talks about his time on “Breaking Bad” and his possible political aspirations.

On ‘Breaking Bad’ set pranks:

“There’s nothing like a dildo to break the tension. I’ve found that’s true in most situations. I just think they’re funny. And I think it’s important to examine the tension levels or anxiety levels or exhaustion levels of your cast and crew.  Sometimes a release is exactly what they need to propel them through the rest of the day and get the work done.”

On his goodbye to co-star Aaron Paul:

“The very last shot we did for ‘Breaking Bad’ — a flashback of Aaron and me cooking meth together — I’m wearing an apron. I’m supposed to turn away from him at one point, and I happen to be in sweats. So while they’re setting up the shot, I kind of wiggle out of the sweats. I’m wearing the apron, so he doesn’t even notice. But then we start shooting, and I turn around and just flash him my a**.  It was the view I wanted to leave him with.”

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On Donald Trump:

“He’s fascinating. What a man. The things he says. [impersonates Donald Trump perfectly] ‘I love women. Look at my wife. She’s hot. She’s super hot. And I imagine some Mexican women are pretty too. Some of them. When they’re not being criminals.’ It’s just insane! The way he brags about being rich. Why would he do that? Why would he tell the world how much money he has? What is he lacking?  It’s so obvious that underneath that veneer of protection there’s a volcano of complicated emotions.”

On running for office:

“I would love to be involved in politics, just for the altruistic feeling of making people’s lives better. I know realistically that it’s never that easy. (But) I’m fascinated by it. I think at some point in my life, if I stop acting and am living in a little community, like a town of 700 people — nothing as big as Los Angeles — I might throw my hat in the ring and become a candidate for mayor.”

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And as mayor:

“If I became mayor, well … [pauses] First of all, prostitution is legal. Pot is legal. Tax it all. Have a surplus.  We’d use the money to take care of the homeless and pay for the schools. But I wouldn’t throw it in families’ faces. You don’t put the whorehouse in the mall, next to the yogurt shop. There would be areas — keep that stuff far, far away from children.  I’m a pure libertarian, I guess. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, you should be left alone.”

Playboy’s December issue is on newsstands Friday, Nov. 13.

Photo credit: Courtesy Playboy/Michael Muller

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