Candace Cameron Bure attends Hallmark TCA 2014

Candace Cameron Bure is still feeling the burn from a heated debate she had with “The View’s” Raven-Symone over gay rights during one of Bure’s many guest appearances on the ABC talk show. Things have even gotten so bad the conservative Christian tells Entertainment Tonight Wednesday (July 16) she has received death threats.

“I always enjoy co-hosting ‘The View’ every time that I go there,” Bure says. “It can be really tricky and difficult. I admit even a few of the days that I was on, there were a lot of hurtful comments.”

The actress confesses off camera to ET that she’s been receiving death threats on Twitter after her controversial comments. She says she wishes all viewpoints could co-exist without the hostility.

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“I just wish that we all could be respectful to one another regardless of our opinions, especially if they differ from one another,” Bure says. “I just wish people would say, ‘Good! You have your opinion and I have mine, but let’s still be nice and kind.'”

Bure also addressed rumors she would be filling “The View” seat vacated by Nicole Wallace on the program since her outspoken opinions, not to mention feuds with Symone, would undoubtedly keep things interesting on the show. While Bure says she loves heading to the East Coast to guest host on occasion, a permanent position isn’t feasible at this time since production has started on the Netflix series “Fuller House.”

Posted by:Sarah Huggins