On the latest episode of “Celebrities in Golf Carts,” “The Office” star Brian Baumtgartner faces off with Mark Willard in a game of beer pong golf.

As Willard explains, “The first one to knock the chip into the pitchers three times is the winner of the “Best Golfer Ever” beer stein. The loser? Red solo cup.”

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The two fellas are fairly evenly matched, going 2-2 — even though it does seem to take considerable time (and golf balls) for them to each sink two balls. In the end, Willard takes the coveted beer stein.

The big question is, why aren’t they having to drink while they play? Do they not know how beer pong works?

Watch the full nine holes and interview with Baumgartner below. Next time, they should figure out how to play golf flip cup.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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