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The biggest shift from “Magic Mike” to its sequel, “Magic Mike XXL,” was losing Alex Pettyfer as the lead character and brand new stripper who led the audience into the world. And according to Pettyfer himself, in an interview on Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast, he believes that it’s his relationship with Channing Tatum that ruined his chance at returning to the series.

Yes, even though Tatum is known to be a lovable, genial guy among most, according to Pettyfer, his costar “was just looking for an excuse not to like me” from the beginning. Pettyfer was so intimidated by Tatum that “I was scared to speak,” he says. “I sat in the corner and listened to music because I had been told that anything I do is wrong …”

But Pettyfer’s rule-abiding loner schtick actually backfired on him, and alienated him from the cast, who thought that he was a snob. That’s not the case, claims Pettyfer: “I was just genuinely nervous and scared to be myself.”

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But even if Pettyfer was unfairly discriminated against on the set of “Magic Mike,” he didn’t help things by his behavior after the shoot. After the film was over, he started renting an apartment from one of Tatum’s friends. But when an allergic reaction and family tragedy forced him to move out, Pettyfer says he “forgot” to pay rent for “several months.”

Obviously, Tatum was not pleased that Pettyfer had stiffed his pal, emailing him to say “Don’t f*** my friends. You owe money. […] Don’t be a clown,” in Pettyfer’s words. However, even though Pettyfer now admits that he was in the wrong, at the time, his response was quite negative: “I’m not dealing with this, and I’m not paying.”

Pettyfer says that the rent incident ruined his reputation among the “Magic Mike” crew: “He had already told everyone he didn’t like me, and what Channing says goes because he’s a movie star.” And in his opinion, that was enough to get him axed from “XXL.”

Listen to the entire “Bret Easton Ellis Podcast” episode below.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins