Chris Brown at an HM event

Chris Brown’s career didn’t particularly suffer on American shores after he was given probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009. He’s still picked up award nominations, sang the hooks on hit songs and is mounting a monster international tour. But that tour will be canceled in Australia, after the country denied Brown’s visa application.

Brown’s people confirmed the news in an official statement. “Chris Brown’s December 2015 tour in both Australia and New Zealand will not take place,” it reads. Those who have already bought tickets are entitled to a refund.

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It’s been a fight to get Brown banned from the country — he was allowed in to tour in 2011 and 2012, but Cash and other feminist groups protested his entry at the time, as reported by ABC News. “Activists in Australia had campaigned to ban the singer from the country because of his brutal attack,” writes ABC.

When describing why they decided to deny Brown’s visa, Australia’s Minister for Women made it clear that the Rihanna assault was to blame.

“People need to understand if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you: You cannot come in because you are not of the character we expect in Australia,” says the minister, Michaelia Cash, according to ABC. Now, it seems that Cash has gotten her way, though Brown’s promoters say they “remain positive that the tour will take place in the near future.”

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins