Heading out with my love @emilybett

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“Arrow” stars Colton Haynes and Emily Bett Rickards reunited to absolutely crush Halloween at a costume party on Saturday (Oct. 24).

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Haynes posted all the glorious photos on his Instagram account. While Rickards dressed up as Sailor Moon, Haynes was a spectacular Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.”

Poor unfortunate souls #Ursula

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He looked utterly amazing as he said, “Hello” to all his fans.

Ursula loves her fans

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Actually, all of his friends looked amazing in their Halloween costumes.

Ursula loves friends. She's just like us

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No one thought Haynes would be able to top his costume from last year, in which he absolutely slayed as Fiona from “Shrek.”


Which one is better? It’s almost impossible to decide. When it comes to Halloween costumes, no one can top this 27-year-old actor. Lord only knows what he will come up with next year.


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