It’s an exciting time to be Colton Haynes — or a fan of Colton Haynes — since Tuesday (July 5) saw the launch of his new website,, featuring all kind of Haynes-themed products.

From shirts to hats to phone cases, you can now purchase some swag designed by Colton Haynes and Tyler Shields.

The “Arrow” and “Teen Wolf” star spent all morning tweeting with fans about their purchases, and the favorite item seem to be a simple shirt sporting the single word “anxious.”

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Haynes opened up recently about his struggle with anxiety and coming out, and it’s awesome to see him use that as inspiration and to shine a positive light on a what’s usually a private problem for many kids.

The site certainly seems to be an instant success, and the fans even managed to crash the homepage in the first hour with their eagerness to support their favorite star.

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Haynes was quick to hop on Twitter and reassure them that a fix was on the way.

If you’re looking to grab some Haynes gear for yourself, we’d suggest acting sooner rather than later. If the feeding frenzy of the first few hours is any indication, the site might sell out before you even get the chance to browse!

Posted by:Lindsay MacDonald

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