Dana Carvey is arguably the most talented impersonator alive today — the range of celebrities he can imitate is incredible.

So Vanity Fair has put the “Saturday Night Live” alum to the test, asking him to put his impressions to hilarious use by acting out small moments in famous people’s lives.

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Two of the best moments are when Carvey reaches into the way (way, way) back file and busts out Jimmy Stewart trying to use LinkedIn and Cary Grant checking out Tinder.

If you don’t laugh out loud at Carvey-as-Grant barking, “I can’t believe it, everybody’s hideous!”, then you have a cold storage shed where your heart should be.

But Carvey also takes a swipe (see what we did there?) at Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, George Bush Sr. & Jr., Bill Clinton, Johnny Carson and many more. Even “Wayne’s World’s” Garth gets in on the fun — he’s quite uncomfortable at wearing the same pair of underwear two days in a row.

171jk5 Cary Grant is now on Tinder ... thanks to Dana Carvey

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