Daniel Radcliffe was NYLON magazine's receptionist for an hour


Daniel Radcliffe is a terrible receptionist and NYLON Magazine now has the proof.

The actor spent an hour fielding phone calls, taking deliveries and handing out bathroom keys to the staff of the magazine with little success. He was pretty great at taking selfies with self-professed fans when they wished but “complete s***” at getting people connected for meetings.

Everyone seemed to be pretty accepting of Radcliffe’s lack of receptionist skills except for Joe Jonas, who was there for a meeting with Marissa. He seemed to be in on the joke though when the camera caught him muttering, “Man, this new guy sucks.”

Take a look at just how bad Radcliffe is in this video, and be grateful he’s sticking to acting when “Victor Frankenstein” hits theaters on Nov. 25.

Posted by:Megan Vick