An old theory goes that it is Clark Kent who is in fact Superman’s disguise. Since Superman really is muscular and handsome, when he puts on glasses and acts like a wimp, he’s doing his best to pretend like he’s a just normal person.

With that in mind, celebrities must not think much of us normal folk. Because as we just saw with David Letterman, whenever a star wants to go “in disguise,” they do everything they can to make themselves look as unkempt, ugly and hairy as possible.

Or, perhaps it could just be that they love a vacation from having to look so darn good all the time. Here are some methods that famous people use to hide those gorgeous eyes, perfect complexions and million-dollar smiles.

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The beard

Like Letterman, many celebrities are growing beards these days. It’s a great way for them to hide their faces as they attempt to go out in public — but seriously guys, wash that thing often and groom it, okay? The worst was when poor Brad Pitt spent months growing a long, funky-looking beard for Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” — a movie he’d never actually make. Here’s to Hollywood’s hipsters — long may they grow.

Brad Pitt SOURCE: Getty Jon Hamm SOURCE: Getty Leonardo DiCaprio SOURCE: Getty

The Moustache

A beloved cousin of the beard, the moustache is great because it can be customized in so many ways. Should you grown a handlebar, horseshoe, fu manchu or a Salvador Dali? Take a look at these celebs for inspiration.

Jason Silverman SOURCE: Getty Liev Schreiber SOURCE: Getty Pierce Brosnan SOURCE: Getty

The Gaga

Lest you think that only men can go incognito, Lady Gaga deserves her very own category. In fact, she might be the most famous woman in the world that no one really seems to know what she looks like, thanks to a wide array of veils, meat, head dresses and other such attire.

Lady Gaga SOURCE: Getty Lady Gaga SOURCE: Getty Lady Gaga SOURCE: Getty

The Depp

In some ways, Johnny Depp may be the male equivalent of Lady Gaga. Every time the “Alice in Wonderland” star goes out in public, he seems to be dressed up as a cowboy, a pirate or in some other theme-worthy attire. Come to think of it, if Johnny Depp ever wants a night of peace and quiet, his best bet would probably be to just wear jeans and a t-shirt.

Johnny Depp SOURCE: Getty Johnny Depp SOURCE: Getty

The baseball cap

“What? You think I’m Tom Cruise? Don’t be silly, friend. I’m just an ordinary, ballgame-loving guy like you. Can’t you see I’ve got my baseball cap on?”

Billy Zane SOURCE: Getty Leonardo Dicaprio SOURCE: Getty Tom Cruise SOURCE: Getty

The Comic-Con

As far as costumes go, things don’t get more literal (or fun) than at Comic-Con and other such conventions. Celebs like Bryan Cranston have been known to go undercover in masks, later “revealing” themselves to fans.

Bryan Cranston SOURCE: Getty Bryan Cranston SOURCE: Getty Nancy Cartwright SOURCE: Getty

The homeless person

When all else fails, there’s another great way to get people to stop asking you for autographs. Simply stop bathing, stop combing your hair and ditch the designer brands in favor of off-the-rack/off-the-rails type fashion.

Joaquin Phoenix SOURCE: Getty Shia LaBeouf SOURCE: Getty Michael Douglas SOURCE: Getty

Bag it

Fortunately, it never reached this point with Dave. But if people just won’t leave you alone, you could always just go full-Shia and make your intentions heard via black Sharpie. For more celebs in disguise, check out the photo gallery below. How many do you recognize?

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