Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate

Call him bombastic, call him infuriating, call him what he really is: The current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. Now, Donald Trump is on the cover of the latest TIME magazine with a 3-word headline he could have written himself: “Deal with it.”

As if the close-up on Trump isn’t enough, inside the magazine is a pic of the billionaire/reality star/politician with a bald eagle perched on his shoulder and the article title “The Donald Has Landed.” And as always, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star doesn’t shy away from controversial comments.

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“I don’t think the people running for office are real,” Trump says in the TIME interview, continuing his trend of belittling the 16 other candidates in the Republican field. “They have to throw a lot of consultants away and be themselves. I think it is one of the things that has helped me.”

The article explores Trump’s meteoric rise from perceived-pretender to shockingly-bonafide-contender and his cult of personality explosion, and comes with online videos that give his latest takes on various politic big-wigs.

On Jeb Bush: “Jeb is a very low-energy person”

On Hillary Clinton: “The worst Secretary of State in the history of our country. The world came apart under her reign.”

On Bill Clinton: “Clinton had a lot of problems with the Monicas of the world. Had he not had those problems, he would have had a pretty good presidency – not a great one, but pretty solid.”

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Of course, the cover story on Trump is a little ironic to those who recall that that the candidate has blasted the magazine, which he has graced the cover of several times before, on Twitter:

Then again, who or what has Trump not full-on blasted at some point? To most candidates, such comments or history may become an Achilles’ heel, but Trump himself is the first to point out that his “mistakes” are what set him apart.

“Every time somebody says I made a mistake, they do the polls and my numbers go up,” Trump says in the interview. “So I guess I haven’t made a mistake.”

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