It’s no secret that Donald Trump is currently in the middle of the world’s longest job interview, quite possibly four months away from becoming President of the United States. But a successful business man like The Donald didn’t get this far without knowing that you always have a back-up plan, so how does this title sound: Donald Trump … superhero?

That’s the thinking behind a hilarious new video featuring comedian Ralph Garman, who not only does a spot-on Trump impersonation but is also an unabashedly proud nerd. Posted by filmmaker Kevin Smith — who co-hosts the podcast “Hollywood Babble On” with Garman — the video imagines Trump taking the iconic Green Lantern oath.

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Close your eyes, click “play” and you can imagine an orange skinned, green-suited hero holding a lantern and repeating in earnest: “In brightest day … nobody knows bright days like I do; I’ve had the brightest days out of anyone, ever.”

Leaving the whole “blackest day” thing out of it, Garman imagines Trump as a hero whose bragging would be the only thing more forceful than his super-powered ring. Hey, he couldn’t be any worse than Ryan Reynolds, right?

To hear the rest of Garman’s impressive impressions, be sure to subscribe to “Hollywood BabbleOn,” or even attend a taping if you’re in the LA area. Every episode is guaranteed to be yuge.

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