Donald Trump has struck again, but this time he might have finally gone too far. The presidential hopeful is best know for speaking his mind and refusing to censor himself, but a few people probably wish he’d kept this particular choice of words to himself.

At a rally in Manchester, N.H. on Monday (Feb. 8), while Trump was speaking about Ted Cruz, one of Trump’s supporters shouted out a vulgar insult about the other republican candidate. “He’s a p****” the woman shouted.

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Rather than ignoring the interruption, Trump singled out the person and asked her to repeat her insult for everyone to hear. “Shout it out because I don’t want to,” Trump requested.

After she said it again, Trump chastised her for her language, telling her she was never allowed to say that again. Despite saying seconds earlier that he didn’t want to repeat the word, Trump did just that. “She said, ‘he’s a p****.’ That’s terrible. Terrible.”

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Trump later defended the moment on MSNBC, claiming, “We were all just having fun. It was a great moment. I got a standing ovation. The place went wild…. All I was doing was repeating what she said so everyone could hear, so I was doing everybody a favor.”

Ted Cruz quickly dismissed the profanity-laden insult, choosing to refocus on his campaign.

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