As Donald Trump says in a campaign speech, he may have “one of the most successful” Starbucks franchises in the lobby of Trump Tower. But after the coffee retailer made headlines for changing their holiday cups to a plain red, now the Republican presidential hopeful says “maybe we should boycott Starbucks,” echoing what some Christians have been saying in response to the redesign.

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In the past, Starbucks’ holiday cups have included designs with snowflakes, evergreen branches, tree ornaments and more overt references to Christmas. This year the cups are plain red — though the chain has not banned customers or baristas from saying “Merry Christmas” to one another, according to The Atlantic.

But in the speech, Trump even says that his Trump Tower Starbucks may be no more. “Seriously, I don’t care [about Starbucks]. That’s the end of that lease, but who cares?” Trump throws out.

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So far, there’s been no change to the Starbucks in Trump Tower, but who knows — if Coffee Bean or another chain has more Christmas-y policies, Starbucks could be replaced.

While not even a President Trump could force Starbucks to change their cup designs, Trump claims, “If I become President, we’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again. That I can tell you.”

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins