Donald Trump can’t seem to go anywhere without it being a highly publicized affair, and it was no different when the Republican presidential candidate stopped by the “pancakes and politics” town hall meeting in New Hampshire to speak with voters and “Today’s” Matt Lauer.

Trump, who prides himself for not being a seasoned politician and just spitting the truth as he sees it, seems to be making making the mistake of promising way more than he can deliver if voted in as president.

“Everything I say, I can do. Everything I say, I will abide by,” Trump says, claiming It won’t be like a “Bergdahl swap,” where the U.S. government secured the release of an American prisoner of war in exchange for releasing five Taliban prisoners. “I will abide by everything that I’m saying on the campaign trail.”

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If only everyone could be as confident in oneself as The Donald. An audience member who’s teetering on who to vote for said she’d swing his way, “if only you would eat a piece of humble pie once in a while,” and then asked if Trump could share what weaknesses he had. Trump declined to answer because “then I’d expose the weaknesses to Putin and then everybody else, and we don’t want to do that, right?”

One of the reasons Trump dislikes “professional politicians” is because they aren’t in touch with what’s really going on in this country. He claims he can relate to the average working man. “It’s not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars,” says the real estate mogul. “Million dollars isn’t very much.”

Hear about his views on gun control (“there’s so much regulation”) and America’s “big mental health problem” with more clips from his interview here.

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