Serena Williams and Drake

Try as they might to temper the rumors about their budding new relationship, new photographic evidence of Drake and Serena Williams canoodling and kissing at Cincinnati restaurant Sotto Sunday (Aug. 23) has seemingly blown their cover.

TMZ (because of course, TMZ) has all the photographic goodness for your viewing pleasure. The hip hop star and tennis champ were apparently out celebrating WIlliams’ big win at the Cincinnati Masters, at which Drake was spotted in the stands cheering on Ms. Williams. Thanks to the power of TMZ Sports’ long-lensed photographers, you can see Williams and Drake getting closer and closer after their dinner. The most telling photo is one in which Williams looks to be pictured sitting in Drake’s lap. So, voila! A hot new celebrity couple is confirmed. Also, shout-out to Deadspin for this extra bit of insightful investigative journalism:

“The Yelp page of Cincinnati Italian trattoria Sotto boasts that it’s a restaurant for ‘casual intimacy and communal romance,’ so it makes sense that Drake and Serena Williams were spotted at a table essentially f***ing with their clothes on.”

The rumors about Drake and Williams have been swirling since early July, when the “DeGrassi” alum traveled to Wimbledon to support the tennis star.

Fingers crossed they have many more romantic dinners, minus the paparazzi.

Posted by:Kara Warner