Back in the ’90s, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was not the good-looking superstar that he is now, nor was it the most fashionable decade for former Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning.

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On Tuesday (March 8) in honor of fellow NFL player Peyton Manning’s retirement, Brees posted a throwback photo of the two of them from 1998, and the New Orleans player is barely recognizable. With his too-short haircut, and what appears to be the freshman 15 still hanging on, it’s hilarious and endearing that Brees had the guts to share this photo with the world.

At the time that this picture was taken, Manning had just been chosen as the No. 1 overall pick during the NFL draft, while Brees was still playing quarterback for his college team at Purdue. The photo already has nearly 10,000 likes on Twitter, as fans are loving this old-school photo these two future Hall of Famers.

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