As his social media posts reinforce on a regular basis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a big man with an even bigger heart. But you might want to grab yourself a box of Kleenex before reading about the latest evidence of such, which came to light Monday (Feb. 29) in a heart-tugging Instagram post.

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“I’m always asked ‘What’s the best part of fame?'” he begins in the post, which accompanies a photo of him on the set of his HBO show “Ballers,” shaking the hand of a man in uniform. “Here’s a story that answers that …”

As the actor/wrestler explains, two police officers who had worked security for the production all day asked if they could meet the star. When he graciously came over and posed for pictures and shook their hands, one of them had a personal story he was eager to tell.

“He told me in 2008 when I was taking my mom to get her weekly chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments, he was taking his dad at the same time – who had been diagnosed with the same cancer as my mom,” Johnson explains. “He said, ‘You won’t remember this, but we walked into the hospital at the same time and you turned around, smiled and held the door open for my dad … and you have no idea what that moment meant to him. And me.'”

Sadly, later that year the policeman’s father passed away — but the man Johnson identifies as “Officer Arias” never forgot his act of kindness. “He’d been waiting years to tell me that on that day, after I shook his dad’s hand and told him to stay strong, that his dad felt no pain that day,” The Rock says. “And [he] was once again a happy man and pain free. Even if just for one day.”

Judging by the heartfelt words in his post, the officer clearly returned the favor by making The Rock’s day. “Y’all take care of each other out there,” he tells his Instagram followers. “And Officer Arias thank you for sharing your dad’s story with me. And now the world.”

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