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There’s a vocal contingent of Ed Sheeran fans who are in for some bad news. While they might not like it, the singer’s giant lion head chest tattoo is not a joke.

When Sheeran first revealed the massive lion on his chest, his fans were split. Some loved the art, while others called it “atrocious,” “hideous” and just about every other word you can think of to say “ugly.” That’s why many were ecstatic Wednesday, Aug. 26, when Sheeran tweeted a photo of his bare chest, writing, “Was only joking about the lion.”

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Was only joking about the lion

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The real joke was the photo of his blank chest, though. A mere 10 hours later, Sheeran shared one more photo with a bit more of his chest showing and the lion definitely visible. “Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn’t I,” he writes.

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Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn't I

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While Sheeran doesn’t say which TV show he’s getting made up for, he is set to appear on FX’s “The Bastard Executioner.” Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the role, he says initially they wanted to cut his hair. “When I walked into makeup they were like, we are going to have to cut your fringe and give you a bowl haircut, and I was like, ‘Ah that’s not happening,'” he says. Executive Producer Paris Barclay tells Zap2it his look is “actually perfect for the part he’s playing,” while noting that “he does have a very unique wardrobe.”

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While his hair is sacred, at least Sheeran isn’t opposed to covering up his ink for the right role. Still, that’s not stopping some fans from registering their anger at being toyed with.


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