Many years ago, a popular song asked: Who can turn the world on with her smile? Now, Emma Watson is reminding us that she can light up New York with hers.

The actress and women’s rights advocate celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday (March 8) by turning the iconic Empire State Building pink. Much to the delight of her fans, JK Rowling got into the act for a fitting “Harry Potter” mini-reunion, as the two female icons tweeted words of support to each other on a day when women were being reminded to do exactly that.

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“Look outside your windows at dusk! [Chirlane McCray] and I just turned the Empire State Building PINK!” tweeted Watson, referring to New York’s First Lady, who helped the actress flip a switch that transformed the building into a manifestation of feminism.

“On behalf of New York City,” McCray wrote to Watson on her Instagram. “THANK YOU for inspiring feminists here & around the globe.”

Using the #HeForShe hashtag that connotes Watson’s efforts for gender equality, McCray wasn’t the only one to praise the 25-year-old star. Since her organization also released a Twitter emoji to celebrate the holiday, Rowling was quick with her praise.

“Nice emoji!” Rowling wrote, adding an “x” for a kiss. “You’re an inspirational woman.”

“RIGHT back at you,” Watson replied, adding in a heart emoji and upping the ante to two xx’s. “Thank you for everything.”

But even if you aren’t female, you still have an important part to play. Proving as much was Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, who sat down with Watson as part of her busy day to discuss gender equality and the need for men to support the women in their lives.

“Had a wonderful conversation with [Emma Watson] today on gender equality,” tweets the actor. “We can all play a role in this movement.”

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