Erin Andrews broke down in tears at several points while she was on the stand during a peeping Tom case in Nashville, Tn. Monday (Feb. 29).

Andrews filed a $75 million lawsuit against the Marriott hotel where she was videotaped undressing through her hotel room peephole along with the man who uploaded the video online, Michael David Barrett.

(Photo: FBI)
(Photo: FBI)

According to Andrews, she first learned about the video going online from a friend who works at Sports Illustrated.

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She also spoke about how the incident affected her career. Andrews claims that after the videos were posted online, she became a victim of online bullying. She reveals that multiple sources stated that she was doing it for attention.

“I could feel my chest and feel it in my head. I saw it for two seconds and said, ‘Oh, my God, I have to call you back,’ and I called my parents,” she shares via Page Six. “I was just screaming… I said, ‘Dad! I’m naked all over the Internet.'”

“The front page of the New York Post said ‘ESPN Scandal.’ To FOX News and CBS, everybody put up that I was doing it for publicity and attention, and that ripped me apart,” Andrews states.

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The broadcaster adds, “This could happen to anyone. I want the Nashville Marriott to be held responsible. I wanted to be respected, I just wanted to be the girl next door who loved sports. Now I’m the girl with the hotel scandal. It’s embarrassing.”

Since the 2009 incident, Barrett has pleaded guilty to interstate stalking, and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Watch the live stream of the ongoing trial here.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes