The ongoing disagreement between Iggy Azalea and Erykah Badu that started at the Soul Train awards when Badu joked about Azalea not being a rapper is officially over. Badu decided to bridge the divide, apologizing in a video posted to her Twitter.

She doesn’t seem to have changed her opinion about Azalea’s music, but acknowledges that she was perhaps too quick to judge her publicly onstage. “I want to apologize to Iggy Azalea,” Badu began, but then the apology took a bizarre turn.

The singer mentioned how Azalea is “one of [her daughters’] favorite artists,” and that was the main reason why Badu chose to apologize. But then, she seems to get annoyed at her kids for wanting her to make the apology.

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“If y’all love her so much, go be with her then,” she says, joking about how her kids should ask Azalea to help them pay better attention in school.

Seems like Badu took the opportunity to apologize, make another joke, and try and shame her daughters into performing better in school, all in one. It might be a little weird, but it does seem like Badu wants Azalea to be inside, rather than outside, the joke this time.

And Iggy Azalea, to her credit, chose to play along with Badu’s. She backed it up, responding with a more heartfelt message on Twitter.

She thanked Badu for the apology, told her kids to “tell mom I’m a fan,” and even extended an offer for Badu’s daughters to join her on her upcoming tour — if they do well in school, that is. “I am 100% a woman of my word,” promised Azalea, so Badu’s daughters should start studying right now.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins