Hollywood was rocked by the news that Garry Shandling unexpectedly passed away Thursday (March 24), especially considering he had been healthy and happy, out with friends just days earlier.

Shandling had an extensive and hilarious career, from TV to movies to talk shows. He often made cameos, appearing as himself to poke fun at Hollywood and comedy in general. To highlight his amazing life and career, Zap2it has pulled together some of Shandling’s best roles over the years.

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‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’

Shandling is best known for his titular role in his ’80s sitcom, “The Garry Shandling Show,” where he played a self-aware sitcom character. Shandling was breaking the fourth wall long before “Deadpool” and Ryan Reynolds. The show almost aired on NBC, but Shandling recalled that they didn’t want him to talk to the camera, instead pitching the idea that he talk to a dog. It instead landed at Showtime.

‘The Larry Sanders Show’

In another self-parody style show, Shandling plays himself as a talk-show host. On this HBO comedy featuring Rip Torn, Jeffrey Tambor and a slew of celebrity guests, Shandling could put some of today’s funniest late night shows to shame.

‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Shandling’s apperance on Jerry Seinfeld’s streaming show is worth the watch, though in a sad twist, the episode is titled “It’s Great that Garry Shandling Is Still Alive.


Shandling’s cameo in “Zoolander” is short and sweet but still hilarious. He appears in a lineup of celebrities at Derek’s fashion show, giving Derek a thumbs up on the catwalk. “Concentrate Derelicte, do not be distracted by the beautiful celebrities!”


In perhaps one of the funniest scenes of “X-Files” to date, Mulder and Scully venture to Hollywood and find that a prodcuer has based a film on one of their cases. Shandling hilariously plays an overblown version of Mulder.

‘Iron Man’ & ‘Captain America’

Shandling couldn’t resist the siren song of Marvel’s most popular franchise, which is how we ended up with Senator Stern, the no-nonsense, anti-superhero politician, who ended up being a Hydra agent all along.

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