guy fieri anthony bourdain feud gi Heres Guy Fieri hurling signed boxes of Lean Cuisines into a crowd of rabid fans

You may love him or you may hate him but it’s pretty safe to say Guy Fieri is very in-touch with his brand.

The host of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” has made the news in recent days for finally retaliating, so to speak, to TV personality and author Anthony Bourdain’s consistent verbal attacks aimed against him.

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The two men, personality-wise, are pretty much polar opposites and it may be difficult for many to pick a side. Are you Team Fieri or Team Bourdain?

To help you answer this question, a Vine has been making the rounds this week that currently has over 8 million loops. The subject matter featured there-in is groundbreaking and maybe even … life changing?

The Mayor of Flavortown made dreams come true by appearing on stage for a concert. And while the DJ on the ones and twos made sure Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” was banging at high volumes, Fieri made his way to a stack of Lean Cuisine frozen meals, placed his nom de plum on the boxes, and began hurling them into the crowd of rabid fans.

It’s pretty safe to say you won’t see the “Parts Unknown” host connecting with his fans on such a level. Your move, Bourdain!

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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