My new bunny #bestpresentever hi Halo 🐴💕 gx

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Gwen Stefani’s life is getting a little more country, in more ways than one. The singer and “Voice” judge posted on Instagram a picture of her new furry friend that’s not your average kitten or puppy photo.

The 46-year-old star’s newest pet is actually a horse, which Stefani named Halo. The caption on the photo revealed that the horse was actually a gift. “My new bunny #bestpresentever hi Halo gx.”

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Another shot of the horse came soon after, with the animal all saddled up and decorated with some nice equine fashion. The singer cooed over the animal again, captioning, “Look at my fancy fringe!! #cantbelivemylife.”

Look at my fancy fringe!! #cantbelivemylife Gx #Halo

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While there is no word from whom Stefani received such an adorable present, the most likely candidate would be Stefani’s newest beau, Blake Shelton. The two singers got closer as judges on “The Voice” and began dating in the fall of 2015. Country and pop music seem to go well together (just ask Taylor Swift), and the couple has been spotted together various times out and about. Who else would give Stefani such a country-themed gift but her sexy cowboy boyfriend?

Whether it’s from Shelton or not, Gwen is ecstatic with her new present. Looks like she’s taking the saying “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” to heart.

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