Former MLB star David Justice is enjoying a relatively-quiet life of retirement these days. But with his ex-wife Halle Berry again in the headlines, he is speaking up to defend himself against abuse accusations — and getting Berry’s other exes riled up as well.

With the Oscar-winning actress getting divorced from Olivier Martinez, tales of her old romances are getting re-hashed in the media. And since Berry filed a restraining order against the outfielder in 1996, Justice is concerned about his children reading such details.

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“Regarding the latest Halle Berry reports,” Justice tweets. “It wasn’t me who hit Halle causing the ear damage. Halle has never said that I hit her.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the former outfielder explains further: “So many years ago, I didn’t say anything about the accusations that I abused her, but now I have three children ages 15, 13 and 11, two boys and one girl. They can read this stuff and they have friends who will read it as well. So, I had to finally come out and say once and for all I never hit Halle Berry.”

The odd thing, however, is that Justice’s Twitter attempts to clear his reputation then became an opportunity for Berry’s ex-husbands to pile on.

“[Berry] was mad at me leaving the relationship so she and her Hollywood Team just tried to destroy my character,” he writes in another tweet that he seems to have since deleted. “It had to be my fault, right?”

In other since-deleted comments, Justice adds to those thoughts. “It just makes me mad to still see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of abuse being me. Never happened!”

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Using the hashtag #formerboyfriend, Justice then references other high-profile former flames of Berry including Eric Benet, Gabriel Aubry and Martinez. “[Each was a] Knight in Shining Armour, until it ends,” he writes. “Then we all become the worst guys in history.”

This being Twitter, Eric Benet responded to Justice as if they were old college pals. “My man at @23davidjustice is tweeting some truth dis’ morning,” he writes.

Finishing up this all-male haterade session, Justice sent out a Twitter warning to the newest member of their Halle Berry ex-husband club. “Just wait, Oliver. It’s coming! She insinuated that her daughter wasn’t safe around Gabriel. Look it up and see the reason! Just wrong.”

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