Lin-Manuel Miranda has been tapped to perform at the Democratic National Convention on July 25, and while the singer/songwriter hasn’t accepted the invitation yet, fans are eager for more live “Hamilton” performances.

The creator and star of “Hamilton” hasn’t shied away from political performances in the past, singing at the White House multiple times, so if he can find a way to work the DNC into his hectic new movie schedule, we’re sure he’ll try to make an appearance. Whether or not he’ll be joined by any of his “Hamilton” co-stars for the event is less certain.

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It’s no secret that “Hamilton” has more than a few politically charged songs that are still relevant today, so the real question is which one of these show-stopping numbers will get the DNC treatment.

Zap2it has a few idea about which “Hamilton” songs would help Miranda make the most powerful statement possible.

‘The Story of Tonight’


This song could feasibly be sung by Miranda alone, which is always a plus if other “Hamilton” stars cannot be incorporated. The slow and soulful number is also incredibly inspiring, mired in melodies about freedom and beating odds and expectations. It has Hillary Clinton written all over it.

‘The Schuyler Sisters’


Seeing as the DNC will be hosting the first ever female candidate for president, the main “girl power” song of the show would definitely make an impact. However, with both Leslie Odom Jr. and Phillipa Soo moving on from the show in early July, they might not be available to appear with Miranda at this event.

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‘Wait For It’


“Hamilton” fans will know that Lin-Manuel Miranda briefly considered playing Aaron Burr instead of Alexander Hamilton when casting the show, and ever since then, we’ve been dying for a version of Burr’s hugely popular “Wait For It” performed by Miranda. This song would also be particularly poignant considering how long Hillary Clinton has probably been waiting for this nomination. Let’s just hope her campaign has a better outcome than Burr’s …

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