The presidential race is heating up as the primaries for Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina approach on Tuesday (March 15), but the democratic candidates are the ones that have Hollywood buzzing.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders don't tend to snag as many headlines as Donald Trump and his daily dose of absurdity, but they have managed to gain the support of some of the most influential people in America: the stars.

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When you've got 30 million followers, the candidate you chose to support matters. But which stars support which candidate?

Celebrities for Hillary Clinton

To no one's surprise, many of the most famous female stars in Hollywood have publicly come out supporting Hillary's presidential campaign. Men, too, have jumped on the wagon, supporting her as the first female president. With a catchy hashtag like #ImWithHer, it's hard not to stand with Hillary Clinton

Celebrities for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has garnered support from an incredible amount of young people, but his demographic has no age barriers in Hollywood. The celebrities who endorse him range from Mark Ruffalo to Susan Sarandon, and they're all filled with hope that Bernie can turn over a new leaf in Washington D.C.

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