As Hillary Clinton traverses the United States campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president, there is one thing that has become painfully clear: Hillary Clinton is not a party girl.

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Not that that is a bad thing. She is running to be the next POTUS, not the next leader of the country’s premiere party pad. However, when Clinton accidentally stumbled upon Joe Schreck, identified by The Washington Post, and his 10 groomsmen having their bachelor party at the Saffron Cafe and Bakery while she was campaigning in South Carolina, one can’t help but cringe as Clinton says, “Holy Shmokes! This is so neat!”

Nothing says “I love fun” by calling an event “neat.”

The Democratic frontrunner tries to muster up all the enthusiasm she has for the groom-to-be and says to the cameras, “He’s getting married today! That’s pretty exciting.”

It’s painful to watch Hillary describe someone’s wedding day as being merely “pretty exciting” and then things get even more cringeworthy when she goes to give the best man a high five, and he goes in for a respectable handshake. Oh, Hillary.

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The friendly group of gentleman then invite the former secretary of state to attend the actual wedding, which Clinton is clearly not that upset about being unable to attend. “Aww. I wish I could be there!” she says with zero believability.

However, Clinton does acquiesce to take a group photo with the bachelor party, and even lets her guard down for a moment joking, “I love having men at my feet!” She also can’t help herself from longingly gazing at the men’s drinks, saying, “That looks like a really good Bloody Mary.”

Have a sip, Hillary. After that landslide victory in South Carolina, you’ve more than earned it.

To see the 68-year-old politician really let loose, watch the music video that Ellen Degeneres made with Clinton “starring” in it below.


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