Whoever is in charge of running Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account deserves a medal. On Thursday (June 9), after Clinton officially received the coveted endorsement of sitting President Barack Obama, something Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was obviously not going to be happy about. It was only a matter of time before Trump spat back with some sort of ridiculous comment criticizing his opponent.

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In fact, it took less than two minutes before Trump tweeted out his thoughts.

Is that all? No. There’s always more when it comes to the outspoken self-appointed politician.

So, what did Hillary’s camp have to say in response?

Mic. Dropped. With three simple words, the team standing behind Clinton, the first female ever to secure a nomination to be president, shut him down. Clinton seriously hired some Twitter rockstars to run her social media campaign. Seeing #ImWithHer everywhere? They deserve credit for that sweeping trend, as well.

However, the best part of this social media mike drop were all the hilarious memes created in response.

To whoever is in charge of Clinton’s Twitter account, people around the world are slow-clapping your talent for the best messages in 140 characters or less. Bravo!


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