Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith may be a lot of things — son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, sometimes actor, sometimes rapper — but a philosopher?

According to a report from Us Weekly, Smith is currently “working on a collection of essays” that will cover everything from string theory to the mystic. At 17 years old, Smith has gained notoriety for sharing his thoughts online.

He’s tackled everything from wanting to stare at trees with Miley Cyrus’ little sister to his thoughts on school — “If everybody in the world dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society.”

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With deep thoughts like that, it may come as no surprise that Smith probably shouldn’t be seen as the philosophical voice of a generation. That may not stop him, though.

Perhaps this will. Allow Zap2it to present to you 10 examples of why Smith putting out a philosophy book is a bizarre idea.

1. He must really hate using Uber. Perhaps Lyft would be a better option.

2. If Kanye West is looking for a presidential running mate, here’s his man.

3. Chemtrails. Need he say more?

4. His concept of forever is easy to grasp.

5. He doesn’t understand that “Independence Day” isn’t a documentary.

6. Maybe Owen Wilson wondered who the kid staring at him was?

7. This coming from a guy who really loves Instagram.

8. He clearly doesn’t know what a tattoo is.

9. It always comes back to that dress.

10. Perhaps he should see a doctor.

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