Jared Fogle Indianapolis courthouse

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle created his non-profit, the Jared Foundation, with one goal: To distribute millions of dollars to schools and community organizations in an effort to battle childhood obesity. But according to a new report, the Jared Foundation never issued a single grant since its inception in 2009.

USA Today reports that the Jared Foundation spent about $73,000 a year, the majority of which went to the executive director’s salary — aka Russell Taylor, the same man who was arrested earlier in 2015 for possessing and producing child pornography. USA Today believes that the hiring of Taylor enhanced Fogle’s interest in underage sexual acts.

Though the IRS still recognizes the foundation, the Indiana Secretary of State dissolved it in 2012 because the non-profit never paid the yearly $5 registration fee.

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This news comes weeks after federal agents raided Fogle’s Indianapolis home and found him in possession of child pornography. He is awaiting sentencing for having sex with minors and receiving and distributing child pornography, and pled guilty to charges.

In a 2008 press release revealing Fogle’s plans for the Jared Foundation, he said, “Through The Jared Foundation, our aim is to collect $2 million this year toward tackling obesity issues head on. My goal is to help children avoid the physical and emotional hardships I went through living with obesity.”

The three points of his initiative were 1. to offer $20,000 grants to up to 50 schools in 2008 for $1 million total, 2. to launch a “multi-faceted parent education program on obesity issues” and 3. to educate families on how to eat out but stay healthy.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz