If you’ve ever helped your mom set up her Facebook account or explained Roku to grandpa, you know the look. And if you haven’t, well, watch the video above and check out Jeb’s Bush face at 0:10, as his Apple Watch literally opens the candidates eyes to the possibilities of current technology.

As Bush does a sit-down interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board in the all-important upcoming primary state of Iowa, you can hear off-camera reporters saying “It’s not me” and then “Is that your watch?”

Which is when a puzzled, defensive Bush replies: “My watch can’t be talking.”

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But alas, that is one of the primary features of the Apple Watch. And so the candidate — who has spoken in the past about how much he loves technology — is left staring at his watch quizzically, wondering if it does indeed do more than tell time, while a voice can be heard repeating: “Hello? Hello?”

Oh, and before you explain it away as perhaps a Christmas present that Bush has yet to fully explore, know this: Bush has owned the Apple Watch since at least last July.

“Is it my watch?” he asks the reporters in the room. Then, raising his voice a little, he does his best Dick Tracy and says to the man in his wrist: “I’ll call you back!”

“I’ve never had my Bat Phone be turned on,” the 62-year-old candidate explains. Then, as if he’s just witnessed a technological miracle, he marvels: “That’s the coolest thing in the world.”

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