Aziz Ansari posted a new short film on his Instagram account entitled, “hey guys,” but it should’ve been called, “What The Coolest and Funniest People in Hollywood Do When They All Hang Out Together.”

Starring Ansari and his “Parks and Rec” bestie Chris Pratt, directed by Jennifer Lawrence, with none other than Amy Schumer as the director of photography, this really (really) short film is creating some serious squad goal envy.

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Just how did the world spin to create this day of awesome synchronicity? Lawrence and Pratt are in Atlanta filming, “Passengers,” while Ansari and Schumer were passing through for a stop on their Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival.


Right after Ansari’s video was posted, Schumer put out another Instagram¬†video captioned, “This morning @azizansari and Jen woke up an angel,” which other than being the dream team human alarm clock, hints to us that there might be more creative output coming these fantastic four.

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Lawrence and Schumer have already publicly announced that they’ve teamed up to write a script together, so one can only wonder what these insanely talented women are going to cook up with the addition of Pratt, everyone’s favorite leading man, and Ansari, who just added best-selling author to his impressive resume with his book, “Modern Romance.”

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