Jeremy Lin

If Linsanity is a disease, the only prescription might be YouTube videos. But don’t worry, because Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin has posted a new one that has him hilariously teaching people how to fit in with the NBA, so now is the time to get your latest fix from the charismatic baller.

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Titled “How to Fit in the NBA,” the video on Lin’s YouTube channel begins with his explanation: “A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be in the NBA. And over the past few years, former teammates and friends have given me advice on what it’s like to fit in.”

After that intro, Lin goes into his various topics of advice. Talking about the importance of communication, he meets up with a basketball friend. “What up, fam? It’s been awhile,” Wesley Johnson asks Lin. “I haven’t seen you in a hot minute.” A puzzled Lin tries to follow the vernacular, but with no success.

Meeting up with Landry Fields and Jerome Jordan outside what looks to be a Macaroni Grill, a section titled “Greetings” has Lin attempting a complicated, awkward handshake with Fields. “Good job, Hartford,” teases one of them, mocking his education. Lin just looks back and says: “Harvard.”

Other sections have Lin learning that when fans ask for a picture, they don’t always want him in it; navigating NBA fashion (it’s all about the high socks, no headband); learning dance moves from Dwight Howard and fitting in with his new teammates.

The second half of the video is bloopers and outtakes, and as you might expect they’re even funnier than the “scripted” part. If this whole “basketball” thing doesn’t work out for the charismatic Lin, it seems as though a second career in Hollywood could be a slam dunk.

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