Jon Stewart

Watch out WWE, Jon Stewart has accepted your “Just Keep Dancing” challenge to support pediatric cancer awareness and he’s firing back with one of his own.

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The challenge was first started by Ellen DeGeneres, who was inspired by a six-year-old cancer patient who dances during his chemotherapy treatments. Now it’s taken the world — and the internet — by storm and even found its way to WWE, with superstars like Daniel Bryan, the Bella Twins and Paige getting in on the action.

Finally, “Just Keep Dancing” made it all the way to “WWE Raw,” when Triple H joined WWE Tag Team champions New Day in the ring for an impromptu dance session, leading Triple H to calling out Stewart.

In no time at all, Stewart has offered up his own dancing video. “Triple H wasn’t sure if I can handle Ellen’s ‘Just Keep Dancing’ challenge to raise awareness for pediatric cancer,” he says. “Well, anybody who knows me knows other than surviving the AA, my next love is dance.”

Of course, the dancing goes awry when Stewart’s son attacks him with a steel chair in true professional wrestling fashion. Luckily, through the pain Stewart is still able to challenge Stephanie McMahon — Triple H’s real-life wife — to dance it out as well.

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