The mutual admiration and love between pop star Justin Bieber and goth rocker Marilyn Manson seems to be growing by the day. While at first it may seem odd that these two are hanging out, but they are both rebels in their respective musical fields, which makes one wonder: Are the Biebs and Manson planning to work together on a duet?

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It all started when the 22-year-old “Sorry” singer wore one of Manson’s t-shirt, something Manson wasn’t too thrilled about, for which he made his feelings known on Twitter.

But whatever beef was between the two singers at the time must have been worked out. On Friday (March 17,) Manson proudly posted a selfie of himself wearing a Bieber shirt.

A few days later, Bieber posted a picture to Instagram after performing at OAK nightclub in West Hollywood, Ca., on Saturday night (March 19), with the caption “Night out in la with the boys.”

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Night out in la with the boys

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So now they are “boys”? Goodness. To be fly on the wall for that conversation. The only possible thing the two have in common are fame and music so it really isn’t too far out of the realm of possibly to think a collaboration is in the near future. Heck, no one saw the Skrillex collaboration coming … did they?

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