Royals win the 2015 World Series

The Kansas City Royals had a miracle comeback in a nail-biting extra-innings game to win their first World Series in 30 years.

It took only 5 games for the Royals to best the New York Mets and be crowned the 2015 World Series Champions.

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The entire game looked like it was the Mets for the taking while home at Citi Field. Edinson Volquez was pitching for the Royals, admirably returning after attending his father’s funeral. He was starting against Mets’ ace Matt Harvey — who was allowed to ignore his innings limit after surgery last year, to keep playing in the big game.

Harvey was still on the mound at the top of the 9th inning when a ground ball by Salvador Perez was followed by a terrible throw by Lucas Duda. A risky run by Eric Hosmer towards home ended up allowing the Royals to tie it up 2-2

Going into extra innings, the Royals broke out at the top of the 12th inning. The team batted in a 5-run lead that the Mets could not match, resulting in the players rushing the field for a long awaited celebration. It was only last year that this team so closely lost in Game 7 of the World Series to the San Francisco Giants, and they made good on their promise to come back and win it all this year.


The Mets remained classy and instead of leaving quietly, made their way to the field to thank their fans for staying at the game that lasted well past midnight on Sunday (Nov. 1).

Are the Royals going to Disneyland? Maybe! But first they will return to their hometown for a well-deserved celebration parade. Funnily enough, on MLB’s opening day in 2016, the Mets are yet again scheduled to play against the Royals where the friendly rivalry is sure to continue.

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