We’ve all been there, Kim. A kid asks you a question, and you really want to help the little tyke out, but sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to tell them that Santa isn’t real or the dog didn’t actually go to live on a farm. Or … you know … that you got famous because of a sex tape.

Recently on Snapchat, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star sat down with a young kid named Sid — who immediately went to work grilling her with questions, as toddlers do. Kim’s answers … well, they were so evasive that you’d think she was Bill Clinton answering questions about an intern.

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When Sid asks why she’s on so many magazines, Kim responds: “I don’t know! Because I like magazines!”

When he asks if she’s famous, Kim acts as if the word is offensive. “Am I famous? Um, I don’t like to use that term … ”

Then, when Sid asks “How are you famous?,” Kim seems as puzzled as the rest of the world. It’s only then that an unnamed friend from behind the camera gets her off the hook, responding “She’s got a big booty!” Which, when you think about it, is probably more confusing for a young person than if you just said that she and some guy made a video where they kissed … and stuff.

For those of you older than Sid who can handle the straight truth: Kim K actually became famous as the BFF of Paris Hilton, who herself became famous because of a sex tape. Kim then made her own tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J — which leaked in 2007 — and later that year, E! launched “Keeping Up With …,” cementing her as famous — even if she doesn’t use the term.

Of course, the only problem with explaining that to a child would be the follow-up question. Because then you’d have to explain why society had a brief period in the mid 2000’s when people having sex with each other in blurry, night-vision silhouette would catapult them to international fame.

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