It’s been awhile since fans have heard original “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson perform due to a strained vocal cord. So in order to make up for the cancelled Piece by Piece tour dates, Clarkson announced on her Facebook page that she will be posting a new video performance every day this week. Starting Monday (June 20),  she will stream herself singing live from her home with accompanist Jason Halbert. And Clarkson reveals that instead of a performance on Friday (June 24), she has a very exciting news announcement to share with fans.

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“Instead of a boring press release, we’re going to do something a little more interesting,” the 34-year-old singer teases. To recap, Clarkson will perform fan requested cover songs “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then we’ll announce on Friday.”

To add more fuel to the speculation fire, the four songs she will be performing are not random — they are all connected somehow in relation to Friday’s major announcement. “These four artists have something in common. But that’s the hint for the week, ” Clarkson says.

In Monday’s video, after admitting she’s super nervous to sing after being on vocal rest for so long, she went on to nail Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine.” Honestly, she sounds incredible. Even Clarkson seems impressed with how the taping went. “KC’s back, what!” she says at the end of the video.

Check out Clarkson’s Facebook page each day at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET to catch each new live home show.


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