Kanye West definitely still wears the pants in his relationship with Kim Kardashian. 

Kim opened up about her husband’s fashion taste during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael” Monday (May 25) where she revealed West even made her change before going on the talk show. 
“I had on this white Balmain pantsuit,” she says. “He was like, ‘No, no, no, I think you [should] just be a little bit more simple today,’ and totally changed my outfit right before I was walking out.”
Even though West calls the shots when it comes to his wife’s outfits, Kim does put her foot down for the important things in life … like hairstyles. 
“Then he was like, ‘Oh, I love your hair down!’ And I was like, No, no, no … ponytail,” Kardashian says. “You don’t get that much … you get one thing, outfit or glam!”
Kardashian also has a leg up over her famous husband in the art of the selfie. However, turning them into a business opportunity with the book “Selfish” was ultimately his idea. 
“Kanye came up with the title and the idea,” Kardashian admits on the show. “He was like, ‘You should do a book like a coffee table book of your selfies.”
Posted by:Sarah Huggins