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Kim Kardashian has already asserted herself as the queen of Twitter (with 40 million followers) and the empress of Instagram (with 60 million followers). Now, she has set her sights on becoming a Snapchat ninja.

“The Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star revealed Wednesday (Feb. 10) that she has a secret profile on the fast-growing social media site, and jokes that she’s been using it to “lurk and stalk people” anonymously.

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Talking on longtime friend Jonathan Cheban’s Snapchat story, Kardashian explains that he turned her on to Snapchat — but that she’s still learning the finer points of the medium.

I’ll talk fast; I didn’t know Snapchat was only 15 seconds,” she explains. “I was bored in London. I couldn’t sleep. And then Jonathan had me open up a secret Snap. Do you wanna know why?”

Continuing with her tale, she explains: “Jonathan told me that if I followed some of our friends and saw what they really do in their real life, wasted and acting so crazy, I would never be friends with them again.”

So now, Kardashian follows her “friends,” checking to see what they’re saying about her when she’s supposedly not looking.

“Jonathan walked me through how to open up a Snapchat in London,” she recalls, adding that her husband slept through the whole thing. “Kanye West was snoring in the bed right next to me, not really snoring, passed out. I couldn’t sleep so Jonathan opened up a Snapchat with me over the phone and I started following some friends and saw what they do in their…”

Of course, Snapchat then timed out, cutting Kardashian short. As she freely admits, Kim K. really needs to practice Snap a bit.

But she also took the time to joke: “Jonathan is the reason I have a secret Snap, and I only lurk and stalk people.”

If you’re on Snap and looking for a more forthright relationship with the social media maven, hang tight: Kim K. has credited hairstylist/friend Jen Atkin with teaching her how to use the app, and recently posted a video of herself playing with the “I [heart] you” filter, so perhaps she’ll soon be joining under her real name.

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