After a not-so-top-secret flirtation, the queen of social media herself Kim Kardashian has decided that 60 million Instagram followers, 41 million Twitter followers and 28 million Facebook friends simply isn’t enough. This past week she joined Snapchat, giving her blessing to what many consider the hottest of the networking mediums at the moment.

As such, new users are expected to flood Snapchat in the weeks ahead, and they will be looking for some other famous people to follow. So, whether you’re a Snap pioneer or a newbie, here are ten celebrities you should be following.

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Kevin Hart

The A-list comedian (username: KevinHart4real) uses Snapchat to post funny videos between takes of his upcoming movies (and shout-outs to the script supervisor!), along with the occasional Melissa McCarthy cameo.

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Add me Damn it…. Join my Snapchat world!!!! #LilSwag79

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Candace Cameron Bure

Bure (username: candacecbure) is worth following in any medium, if only because her diverse possibilities of conversation include a holy trinity of fascination (she was a former child star, she is very religious and Republican, and she is currently on “Fuller House”). If she posts about any of that stuff, you’re gonna want to catch it.

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I don't snap often, but….

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Jason Derulo

The singer/songwriter (username: derulo_jason) has been known to invite friends over for some champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, post videos from his massage sessions, and just otherwise remind everybody that they need to be having as much fun as him. He’s also shirtless, a lot, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Reese Witherspoon

A titan of the industry, Hollywood’s girl next door (username: snapsbyreese) is always up to something. The next time she’s at an awards show, giving lifestyle lessons, or simply hanging out with her kids, you’ll want to have her among your friends.

Kate Upton

Do you like beautiful women? Do you like dogs? If you don’t, then perhaps you need to return to your home planet — if you do, then you’ll definitely want to follow Kate Upton (username: kateuptonsnap) who always mixes the sexy with the sweet via fashion shoots and videos featuring her canine companions. Upton is also big on posting videos of her friends having misadventures (seriously, who goes clothes shopping at Whole Foods?), and of course, boyfriend (and Tigers pitcher extraordinaire) Justin Verlander.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the amazing things about following celebs on Snapchat is that at any moment, they could spontaneously do something surreal and magical. Nowhere has this been more evident than when Ah-nuld (username: arnoldschnitzel) recently did a selfie view of Los Angeles. When a helicopter appeared behind him, without missing a beat the “Predator” star broke out one of his signature lines: “Get to the choppah!”

Nick Cannon

Cannon is truly a 21st-century celebrity, not necessarily famous for any one particular thing, yet a household name. A big reason for that is because the man knows how to market himself — and these days, Snapchat (username: nickcannonmoney) is a big part of his game.


What does Madonna (username: Madonna) do on Snapchat? Well, she has been known to eat a banana. But you need to follow her because she’s Madonna and — well, someday she might eat another banana!

Madonna's Snapchat SOURCE: Snapchat

Jared Leto

The Oscar-winning star (username: JaredLeto) certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is why he’s so much fun to friend. He enjoys posting videos of himself snuggling on the couch, wearing Halloween masks, and other surprises.

Tyler Oakley

The king of social media (username: snaptyleroakley) knows what he’s doing, and that’s why fans will love his videos, from concerts to graphics-heavy Snaps of Tyler with a dog face.

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