If you remain undecided about the 2016 presidential campaign because you’re holding out to see where an ’80’s celebrity-turned-Weight Watchers spokesperson stands, we have good news: Kirstie Alley has finally endorsed a candidate. “This is my formal endorsement of Donald Trump,” she tweeted Friday (April 8). “And I’m a woman! (last I checked).”

Such out-of-left field political enthusiasm raises eyebrows and leaves you wondering: Does this really help sway a single voter? Who is that person? Nevertheless, the onetime “Cheers” star isn’t the first random celebrity to make an equally random endorsement in this political cycle. Below, a few of our favorites.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich

“Get to the White House!” at least, that’s what we’d like to imagine the Governator screaming at the Ohio Republican. The aging action hero’s endorsement hasn’t done much good, as Kasich continues to run a distant, borderline-delusional third behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But the two men are longtime friends, and it’s a good thing, because Schwarzenegger seems to be the only notable endorsement of any kind that Kasich has received.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich SOURCE: Getty

Clay Aiken and Hillary Clinton

While some former “American Idol” contestants were busy reuniting for the recent finale special, others simultaneously had momentum-lacking political careers to look after. Okay, well one did, and his name is Clay Aiken.

In 2014, the “Measure of a Man” singer announced that he was running for Congress in North Carolina; after he lost in the general election, Clay has been a bit quiet — although he has popped up on social media to give his thoughts about the Clinton campaign.

“Hillary, I love you,” he wrote on Twitter last year, in response to a lackluster campaign ad. “But why are you the stiffest and most scripted looking person in this video?” We would only assume that if she could, Hillary would tweet back something along the lines of “How many campaigns have you won, Clay?”

Clay Aiken and hillary Clinton SOURCE: Getty

Donnie Wahlberg and Marco Rubio

For months, Rubio was attacked on one side from Trump, and from the other by candidates like Ted Cruz and Chris Christie; during that period, Wahlberg was apparently impressed with the Florida Senator hangin’ tough. The former New Kids’ tough guy insisted that Rubio had the right stuff, tweeting his support in February and promising that he’d be loving Rubio, forever. Step by step, Rubio backed out of the campaign soon afterwards — and we can only assume Wahlberg was all: Please don’t go, guy.

Donnie Wahlberg and Marco Rubio SOURCE: Getty

Scott Baio and Scott Walker

Much like Kirstie Alley above, it sure is amusing to think that someone out there has been waiting see which candidate Chachi would endorse. Even more amusing, perhaps, is that his selection dropped out of the race so quickly that you might not even remember him. But hey, Scott Walker does have the same first name as Scott Baio, and Scotts have to stick together — so if Walker wants to get back in the race, he can still count on the support of Scotts Bakula, Caan and maybe even Peterson.

Scott Baio and Scott Walker SOURCE: Getty

Jon Bon Jovi and Bernie Sanders

The “Wanted: Dead or Alive” singer is only one name on a very long list of random celebs feeling the Bern. Others include Sarah Silverman, Ezra Miller, George Wendt, the real-life Patch Adams, Ben from Ben & Jerry’s (we can only assume Jerry is holding out until the final election) and the rapper Scarface. Bernie, it would seem, truly is bringing people together– or at least, random celebrity ones.

Jon Bon Jovi and Bernie Sanders SOURCE: Getty

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