kylie jenner wheelchair Kylie Jenners wheelchair fashion shoot draws ire on social media

Kylie Jenner is getting backlash over a photo shoot she did for Interview magazine for its December/January double issue. Social media does not appreciate the photos of the teen posing in a golden wheelchair for photographer Steven Klein.

Both Jenner and Interview magazine have been messaged their fair share of flack on Twitter since the preview photos from the shoot released Tuesday (Dec. 1), with many users objecting to a wheelchair being used as a fashion accessory.

Another Twitter user shares,”I cry every time I go out in my wheelchair bc of the way ppl make me feel but Kylie Jenner uses one + it’s fashion?”

The fashion industry has also received some of the negative comments, with people upset by the representation of people with disabilities. One model even says that clients will cancel on her when they find out she’s in a wheelchair.

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In the photos, the youngest in the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” clan is shown wearing a shiny black latex bodysuit with heavy makeup and a blank expression on her face. Other photos of the starlet in the upcoming issue are more risque — one of her showing her rear end via butt-less chaps and one of her straddling a male model.

Ironically enough, Interview released the photos of Jenner less than a week after she used her “#IAmMoreThan” anti-bullying campaign to repost an Instagram photo of woman who writes “#iammorethan my wheelchair.”

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Thank you for your words @audreytheartist #repost "#iammorethan my wheelchair 👸🏻🔥🔥 I have been doing really great lately and I thought it was time to share my piece of mind with you guys. 2015 has been one hell of a ride, and I am proud of me ; worked so far with amazing people, kept drawing when I couldn't for months because of the car accident I had last year, and also graduated. I left my comfort zone many, many times this year and I kept going, my faith in brighter days never faltering. Being different physically is complicated, you have to deal with loads of shits, and still keep smiling. I want to say to anyone who feels different, lonely or just down, #keepgoing. You never know what tomorrow is made of, in good or bad, so please, keep going and #nevergiveup. Life is weird, so are we, and that's what is #magical. I decided to embrace my flaws a long time ago, and I never regretted once that decision. I'm a young artist, and once again here, it's hard being different because, judgments ("you can draw with your hands?") but it's worth it. I believe one day, I will work for #Sia, making her cds covers, and even make exhibitions in San Fran, Amsterdam and Tokyo. In meantime I'm gonna build my empire, one drawing per day. And #keepsmiling because life is worth living no matter what. I love life. Do you?#audreytheartist @kyliejenner"

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