Six years after her shocking death, Brittany Murphy’s fans are still suspicious of the mysterious circumstances that ended a promising career at age 32 due to an “accidental death” of natural causes. Now, a Los Angeles county coroner is saying that he could reopen the case for further investigation.

Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter tells E! News that certain factors would be needed to re-investigate the causes surrounding the death of the “Clueless” actress. “We would have to have direct evidence,” he explains. “In all honesty, it would take something like a confession. Something connecting somebody with it.”

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Considered one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries of the last several years, Murphy and her 40-year-old husband Simon Monjack both died within a few months of each other. In 2013, Murphy’s father hired an independent laboratory to test hair samples — and the finding was an “abnormally high” level of at least 10 heavy metals in her body. Murphy’s father later said that he suspected a “third-party perpetrator.”

“We could have reopened the case,” Winter says. “But we didn’t think it warranted it.”

“If law enforcement contacted us,” he says the coroner’s office could reexamine the facts and likely exhume the body. “Or, we can reopen the case if there is substantial evidence.”

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