Laura Benanti at the MCC Theater Gala

Actress Laura Benanti recently experienced a miscarriage. In a touching blog for the Huffington Post, she opens up about her grief and urges women not to see “miscarriage” as a dirty secret they aren’t allowed to talk about.

“When my fiancé, Patrick, and I first saw and heard our little peanut’s heartbeat, a wave of love washed over me that I had not known was possible,” Benanti writes, going on to say that happiness was short-lived because by the next day she had miscarried.

“No more heartbeat. Our miracle was over.”

The “Nashville” actress goes on to explain that she suddenly started hearing from women she knew, saying that miscarriages are so common.

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“If this is so common, then why do we only speak about it in whispers, if we speak about it at all?” she writes. “If this is so common, why does it feel like the Voldemort of women’s issues?”

Benanti says her purpose in writing this article is to let women know they are not alone.

“This is not your fault. You did nothing to deserve this, or make it happen. You can grieve for as long (or as short) a time as you need,” she says. “You are allowed to talk about this (or not talk about this) with whomever you want. You, and only you, will know when the clouds have passed.”

She ends by saying she’s holding all the women in her heart who are out there and have experienced this kind of loss. Head on over to HuffPo to read the entire piece.


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