If you listen closely, you can hear a million “Hamilton” fans all singing “whaaaaaat?” at the same time.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda admitted that the story of Alexander Hamilton is actually all about Kanye, and if that’s not the weirdest thing you’ve heard all week, then get ready for the rest of the story.

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“Kanye kind of just showed up… he was in the second row with Kim,” Miranda says. “There he was. There’s a moment where I just basically eye f*** whoever’s in the first two rows. And I wink at them and I’m like, ‘Hey.’ That’s my little fun times as Hamilton. And I just winked the h*** out of Kanye because he was right in my blast zone!”

Miranda goes on to explain that Kim and Kanye came backstage during intermission, and he was so star struck, he started explaining to Kanye the “Hamilton” musical is really a story about him.

Obviously he doesn’t mean this literally, but Miranda certainly drew inspiration for Hamilton’s characterization — as well as Jefferson, Washington and several other main players — from current rap stars like Kanye and Jay Z.

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Miranda says at one point, Kim Kardashian realized the three Schuyler sisters were based on her and her sisters. “Kim was like, ‘And the three sisters [gasp]!’ And I was like, ‘Yes, and the three sisters. It’s all about you.’”

In an earlier interview with MSNBC, Miranda made comments about Hamilton’s braggart nature being similar to Kanye’s. “[Hamilton] overdressed like crazy,” Miranda says. “He designed his own uniforms for his own group of soldiers. He was like, ‘Well my soldiers are wearing this!’ It’s very Kanye.”

While some fans might not be thrilled to hear their favorite founding father compared to Kanye West, it’s hard not to notice the similarities. After all, if Miranda’s depiction of Alexander Hamilton had had access to social media, his twitter rants could probably put Kanye’s to shame.

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