One of them was a hot model/actress in the ’80’s who starred in series like “A Different World” and movies like “Angel Heart”; the other is a current hot model/actress who most recently appeared in the Oscar-nominated “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Now, Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz are starring in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein — and we dare you to tell which is the mom and which is the daughter.

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Using the tagline “Life in the Now,” the ad for jewelry and watches focuses on couples — and the ageless faces of Bonet and Kravitz (whose father is Bonet’s ex, rocker and “Hunger Games” star Lenny Kravitz). The ad also features model Xiao Wen Ju and Korean actor Kim Woo Bin; Instagrammers Tilda Lindstam and John Hein; and actor Will Peltz and his girlfriend Kenya Kinski Jones — a daughter of Quincy Jones.

But as images of the campaign leaked, it was Bonet and Kravitz who quickly became trending topics on social media. On the one hand, Kravitz looks almost exactly like Bonet did when she erupted on the scene as Bill Cosby’s wild-child daughter on “The Cosby Show.” On the other hand, Bonet herself looks like she hasn’t aged a day since that show went off the air.

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz SOURCE: Calvin Klein

“What Does Time Mean to You?” the ad asks, as we see black-and-white images of the mother/daughter combo laughing on a beach. Holding hands, the two later wade through the ocean water.

“It’s challenging to stay completely present and stay in the now,” says the voiceover. “But I think that’s a gift.”

The message behind the campaign is to live in the present, to treasure time while you can … and with two ageless beauties like Bonet and Kravitz, it’s hard to imagine better spokespeople for the concept.

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz SOURCE: Calvin Klein

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